You Walk, He Leads: Discerning, Aligning & Walking in God’s Will (Book)

The book questions the common teaching about trying to discover God’s will by following a certain number of steps. Instead, the book argues that God’s will is discerned by walking in relationship with Him.

This is evidenced from the many biblical examples of men and women of faith. Most of them did not go out of their way to discover God’s will. They walked with the Lord and simply walked into His will.


  1. Getting the Right Terminology
  2. Asking the Right Question
  3. Dot or Circle?
  4. Know God and His Heart
  5. Seek God in Prayer
  6. Apply Yourself to the Word
  7. Be Led By the Spirit
  8. The Power of Values
  9. Develop & Internalise Kingdom Values
  10. Doing the Right Thing
  11. Marking Your Milestones
  12. Drawing Your Timeline
  13. Framing Your Purpose


“How do I know this is God’s will for my life?” If you are asking this question now, then ask no more because Pastor Soon Hock has very  adequately answered your question in this book You Walk, He Leads. – Dr Chew Weng Chee

The crux of  Soon Hock’s argument in his excellent and very practical book is captured in this sentence, “God’s will is not discovered by following a method but by walking with a Person.” – Dr Tony Lim

…it is timely for a mature minister of the Gospel such as Soon Hock to pen down his many years of biblical meditation and reflections in the Malaysian voice. – Rev Jeremiah Yap

Included in the many insights are two which readers should take special note: to use the right terminology and to ask the right question. – Dr Sunny Tan

I love the way Soon Hock has insightfully funnelled big biblical truths into personal space via immensely helpful, practical handles. – Dr Philip Lyn