More Than Just Position (Bible Study)

Although the series of studies are based on the lives of the kings of Israel and Judah it is not just about leadership nor is it only for leaders. The lessons are applicable for believers across the spectrum of life’s roles and responsibilities; at our workplace, home and church.

The themes in the studies include the use and abuse of positional authority, the cry for character, principles of leadership, the centrality of spirituality and generally, how a believer is to walk with the LORD where He has put us.

Unique Value

  • 7 powerful lessons
  • Separate books for Personal Study & Group Discussion
  • Interesting questions that make you…
    1. Dig into your Bible,
    2. Think deeper about your faith,
    3. Apply Bible truths in your lives
  • Group Discussion equipped with Leader’s Guide
  • Pastors can use the Study for a series of powerful sermons

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  1. Rehoboam: More Than Just Position
  2. Jeroboam: More Than Just Expediency
  3. Asa: More Than Just Starting Well
  4. Ahab (1): The Power of Influence
  5. Ahab (2): The Syndrome of a Divided Heart
  6. Jehoshaphat (1): When Strengths are Mitigated by Weakness
  7. Jehoshaphat (2): When Facing Challenges

What you will eventually be purchasing is the right to print hard copies from the soft copy that will be emailed to you. The cost will depend on the number of hard copies you print, with a minimum set at 25 copies.


Pr Lim’s Bible study booklet is strategically designed to change lives though searching, challenging and provocative questions that force us to apply Biblical truths. These questions are borne out of a wealth of 30 years of pastoral ministry and leadership. I expect lives to be changed as readers study the lives of Judah’s and Israel’s Kings.

Rev Dr Tony Lim, Vice Principal of Malaysia Bible Seminary

Using Soon Hock’s insightful and incisive study guides is like navigating by a warm Google Map voice on a journey into the complex lives of the Old Testament kings! The study of their lives packs lessons of God’s dealings with the fragile hearts of mortals not unlike us. The booklets will stimulate you to dig deep and draw invaluable lessons.

Pr Dr. Philip Lyn, Senior Pastor of Skyline SIB Church,Kota Kinabalu

To reflect on (and apply!) the unchanging principles by which God deals with ancient kings is theologically profitable. Pastor Soon Hock loves the Word and he has done us all a great service through this pertinent Bible Study. I have been blessed through reflecting on it!”

Rev Edmund Chan, Leadership Mentor of Covenant EFC &  Founder of Global Alliance of Intentional Disciplemaking Churches

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