The mission of Empowering Churches is to come alongside pastors, leaders & churches and provide consultation, ministry & training so that churches grow increasingly healthy and effective to advance the Kingdom of God.

These include helping churches to:

      • Grow Healthier
      • Overcome Problems
      • Breakthrough into the Next Level
      • Establish Systems and Processes
      • Develop Strategic Planning


A typical Empowering Process we use, especially if it involves analysing the health of the church, or some defined area, and guiding the church through with specific solutions, is illustrated in the diagram below:











There are no specific fees involved. However, churches are expected to cover all expenses incurred by the personnel from Empowering Churches, such as, travel, accommodation & meals. Honorarium is at the discretion of the church.


There are great benefits for getting assistance from outside. It includes: 1. Fresh Perspective, 2. Helpful Handles to do church, 3. Objectivity, 4. Neutrality, and 5. Expertise. Furthermore the pastor and the leaders have someone (or a team) to bounce their ideas and also to walk with them through the change process. Help is only a PHONE call away.

Getting Started

We welcome you to email empoweringchurches.my@gmail.com to arrange for a preliminary discussion on your needs. Empowering Churches will follow up with a written proposal which will include:

      • The Purpose of the Consultation
      • Scope
      • The Methodology to be used
      • Timeline
      • What Empowering Churches will do
      • What the Church will do

The leaders of the church then make a decision whether to engage the services of Empowering Churches.

You may wish to read the booklet Before ER: A Call to Church Health by Lim Soon Hock. Click here for more details.