Leadership Development

John Maxwell says, “Everything rises and falls on leadership,” and I agree with him. And that includes the leadership in the church. Leadership development is probably one of the most crucial factors needed in the church. Empowering Churches has four seminars that cover various aspects of leadership development for church leaders. Click on any of the following titles for a description of the seminar or workshop.

L1. Roadmap of the Christian Life & Ministry

L2. Lifting the Lid

L3. Creatively Lead an Effective Group Bible Study

L4. Critical Pointers for Effective Preaching


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Most Christians do not know where they are going with their life (I have purposely omitted the word “spiritual” because all of life is spiritual). At best they have a vague idea that they are to grow in Christlikeness as they make their way to heaven. This is not wrong; just inadequate.

The Lord has a destiny for each of us and He plans to take us there. What is your destiny? Where are you now in your journey? How are you getting from where you are to where you are going? Are there different phases that you’ll have to go through? What do they look like? This is where a road map is so necessary.

This seminar will underscore for you that your life is not an accident. It will challenge you to respond in faith and obedience to the Lord as He directs you each step of the way. While growing disciples may benefit from the teaching, it is, however, the ministry leaders, church leaders and pastors who will find the seminar most relevant.

This 6-hr seminar is conducted in a workshop style. Exercises will be given to help you process the material, so that you’ll come away with some first steps in applying the teaching. It will be the beginning of an exciting journey of being the man or woman of God that the Lord plans for you to be.

(Reference materials include Robert Clinton’s The Making of a Leader & Bob Buford’s Half Time)



“Everything rises or falls on leadership,” says John Maxwell. I agree with him. And it applies just as much in the church arena as in any other field. When the leadership level is capped, the development of the church is seriously hampered. On the other hand, when the leadership lid is lifted, the church rises with it.

Lifting the leadership lid in the church is what the seminar is about. This one day seminar will cover three broad areas of leadership development: Spiritual, Skills and Strategy. The choice of lessons that will be taught under these categories will depend on the needs of the church.

Examples of leadership lessons in Spiritual Development include: The Heart of a Leader, The Leadership Test, and Life Purpose. Examples for Skills Development: Developing & Working with a Team, Mentoring & Coaching, and Problem Solving. Examples for Strategy Development: Planning, Vision Casting, and Developing Leaders.

(Reference materials include John Maxwell’s EQUIP Curriculum, Henry & Richard Blackaby’s Spiritual Leadership)



Many churches have adopted the small group philosophy. Regardless of what your church may call them or the philosophy of ministry you work by, there will always be the element of Bible study in the small group meeting. Inevitably the Bible study leader plays a critical role.

The poor Bible study leader has been the bane of the small group ministry. They often mistakenly play the role of a teacher, or worse still, simply as a question-prompter. The truth is, the Bible study leader is not a teacher called to dispense all the answers. He is a facilitator. Neither does he simply go through the material from questions one to ten (or however many there may be), going around the room asking for answers (to be more accurate, opinions). Rather, he is to lead a discussion (based on the Bible) and bring it to a purposeful conclusion and points of application. That takes skill.

This 4-hr seminar-workshop will both explain the role of the Bible Study leader and provide her with practical handles on how to lead an interesting and effective discussion. There will be also be opportunities to practise preparation for a group Bible Study and observe a mock session on how to lead Bible study discussion creatively and effectively.



Preaching is not just giving a Bible talk. It is both a science and an art, plus Spirit (not necessarily in that order). Preaching is bringing a message from the Lord through the exposition of His Word in the power of the Holy Spirit. The seminar aims to show you how it is done.

This is not a full homiletics course, which will take many sessions. What this 4-8-hr seminar (depending on how much you want) will do is to underscore the vital points for effective preaching and fill in critical points that are often missing in homiletics courses. The basic philosophy that underscores the approach is that we preach to change lives.

This seminar, conducted in a workshop style, will include exercises to enable participants to start working on the material presented. It is most suitable for those who are already preaching on a regular basis and desire to hone their preaching skills.


Email empoweringchurches.my@gmail.com to arrange a date for a seminar.