Before ER: A Call to Church Health (Booklet)

A booklet to help pastors and church leaders understand the fundamental need for church health—if a church is to grow and effectively fulfil the Great Commission. What does a healthy church look like? How do we determined the health of a church? What does a church do if it is found to be unhealthy? These are some of the questions that the booklet seeks to answer.


Chapter 1 Church Health

Chapter 2 Health Check

Chapter 3 Before E.R.

Appendix A Project Empower

Appendix B Resources

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3 thoughts on “Before ER: A Call to Church Health (Booklet)

  1. Holy Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am personally interested in certification as a church consultant. How may I, go about pursuing this endeavor? Some classes like Master Life and Experiencing God, I’ve studied and completed. I am an ordained minister at St. Matthew Missionary Baptist Church, Raleigh N.C. 27610.

    In Christ,

    Willie Goins Jr

    • Hi Willie,
      I received my certification as a church consultant from the Society for Church Consulting in the US. It’s a good outfit and I certainly recommend that you check them out at The website will tell you about the process for certification.

      SH Lim

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